Plot the cumulative distribution function for similarity metrics

# S3 method for apd_similarity
autoplot(object, ...)



An object produced by apd_similarity.


Not currently used.


A ggplot object that shows the cumulative probability versus the unique similarity values in the training set. Not that for large samples, this is an approximation based on a random sample of 5,000 training set points.


set.seed(535) tr_x <- matrix(sample(0:1, size = 20 * 50, prob = rep(.5, 2), replace = TRUE), ncol = 20) model <- apd_similarity(tr_x)
#> Warning: The `x` argument of `as_tibble.matrix()` must have column names if `.name_repair` is omitted as of tibble 2.0.0. #> Using compatibility `.name_repair`. #> This warning is displayed once every 8 hours. #> Call `lifecycle::last_warnings()` to see where this warning was generated.